Physiotherapy is not meant to replace the normal veterinary care and diagosis!

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation treatment can only be implemented on the basis of a veterinary diagnosis.

Relaxation-, sport, "wellness-" and stress-releasing treatments, as well as reiki sessions are worth to be applied for the improvement of the overall condition. The worth which can be done is not to try if they have a positive effect.

Treatments are available by appointment booking only.

Before the first booking, please, read the house rules (link here, HU) and fill in the treatment consent (link here, HU).


My main field is canine-, feline-, equine- and other animals' physiotherapy treatment, orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitation following an injury, surgery, or other trauma, as well as musculoskeletal maintenance and recreational treatment for athlete and senior animals, working dogs, sport horses, breeders.

The complex manual and non-manual therapeutic techniques I use in the bodywork are focusing primarily on the recovery of reversible dysfunction in muscles, fascia, joints, other soft tissues surrounding the joints, periferial nervous system and the spine. Metabolism can be improved and the body's self-healing processes can switch to more efficient operation after releasing the tensions and pains related to the pathological lesion, as well as balancing the tissue functions.

Among others, I apply the following physio-therapeutic modalities, as necessary: therapeutic and active gymnastics (stabilisation-coordination training, fitness, groundpole training, treadmill exercises), low level laser therapy (LLLT), infrared therapy, TENS treatment, massage therapy, passive mobilisation, manualtherapy, stretching, scar treatment, lymphdrainage massage, assisted exercises, stimulus treatment, triggerpoint treatment, fascia release therapy, complete musculoskeletal unwinding, dietary consulting and phytotherapy, Reiki.

Location and timing of physiotherapy

I see pets in Kővágóörs in my small clinic. My core coverage is Veszprém county, but Zala, Vas, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér, Somogy, Tolna counties are not far from Kővágóörs either. I can deliver treatments at the pet's home, but obviously I only can work with a limited toolbox there.

I visit horses all over the country. All of my tools for the equine physiotherapy are portable. For intensive therapeutic care, temporary boarding places are available in our area.

PRICING - Dogs, cats, pets

PRICING - Horses and other large animals

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) - catalyst of regeneration

LLLT or softlaser therapy means that a diseased or affected tissue of poor condition is treated by low-intensity (400-900 nm wavelength) irradiation, i.e. photobiomodulation. The effect changes the permeability of the cell membrane and leads to increaded mRNA synthesis and cell proliferation. These effects are not the consequences of the thermal effect of irradiation as in laser surgery; rather, they are the results of photochemical interactions.

The coherent, high-intensity light of lasers induces a variety of biochemical processes in cells, acting as a catalyst in processes that would otherwise start slowly, with difficulty, or not at all. These cellular processes result in faster cell proliferation and -regeneration (wound healing), accelerated revascularisation, strengthened microcirculation, reduced inflammation and oedema, pain relief, nerve cell regeneration/ nerve stimulation, reduced muscle tension, released spasm, and local immunstimulation.

I use an Optikop Physio 350-IR therapeutic device for softlaser treatments. This is a compact, high-power (350 mW), mobile soft laser therapy system operating with 810 nm wavelenght infrared diode, with 5 different selectable doses (2-10 J), treatment duration monitor, integrated power output control and temperature monitoring unit. (3B/ II.a class laser)

Manual modalities

Massage-type techniques belong to the oldest therapeutic methods. This is a kind of manipulation implemented on the skin surface, executed through organised moves in controlled force and speed, with the hands or with a purpose-desiged device. Massage is a therapeutic and diagnostic tool in the same time. It can be refreshing-, healing- or sport massage, concentrated on a body part or a reflex zone too. Due to its diversity, massage has varied beneficial effects, therefore it can be applied in musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation from injury or surgery, spinal- and joint lesions, neurological diseases (e.g. paralysis, pinched nerve), skin- and connective tissue tensions, muscle pains and spasms, respiratory problems, and psychological disorders, as well.

A special sort of massage is lymphdrainage massage or lymphatic circulation activation. Its purpose is the cleaning and stimulation of lymphnodes and lymphatic vessels. Therapeutic moves of lymphdrainage are applied according to a very strictly regulated choreography, they are soft, slow, moving just the skin over a particular point. Consequently, the accumulated fluid in the lymphatics start to flow, lymph nodes begin to work increasingly, lymph vessels get cleaned by the stimulated circulation, oedema get decreased, and it also has a pain relief effect.

In a complete musculoskeletal unwinding i.e. releasing bodywork I use a composite modality inculding massage, triggerpoint treatment, fascia release therapy, passive mobilisation, manualtherapy, stretching and energy work (Reiki). The therapy results in releasing soft tissue and energy blocks, the body achieves a balanced state, and through the activation of parasympathetic nerve system the animal can engage the self-healing mechanisms of his/er body more effectively in a physical, mental and spiritual relaxation.

Reiki - healing energy

Reiki is an ancient Tibetan therapy. Its foundation is the cosmic life-energy and natural healing systems based on life-energy. Its essence is that we let the healing energy of the Universe through us, transmitting it with our hands to another living being or to ourselves, directly or distance. We are all born with this Universal Life-Energy, because it is the energy of Life itself.

The energy of Reiki is not identical with the bioenergy used by naturopaths. In the ocean of energy surrounding us, bioenergy (the living energy of a physical body) is the lowest level, while Reiki is among the highest level manifestations of the Universe. The Reiki healer candidate becomes capable of transmitting this high-level energy after special attunements. Reiki affects living beings in a holistic body-mind-spirit aspect.

Therapeutic and active gymnastics

Passive mobilisation, assisted moves, static exercises and active gymnastics should be applied during rehabilitation. These tools help to reinstate the physiologically correct movement and harmony of motion, eliminate rythm failures and occasional fixed, compensatory postures and steps. The principle in designing the exercises is always to engage movement sequences corresponding to the natural stance and motion of the animal, optimising balance, stability and proprioception, and the functional training of muscle groups affected by a disorder.

As needed, besides the rehabilitation, I can give further advice on additional improvement of physical condition, endurance, performance, harmony and dynamics of motion.

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