About me


I am Fanni Lukácsy from Kővágóörs, from the middle of the Balaton Highlands in Hungary. Animals, particularly dogs and horses are permanent players of my life since my childhood, our partners in sport, work and everydays.

The 13 years I spent with our two samoyed dogs have defined my fasciantion with sled dogs forever. During highschool, I took care of the live animal corner of the school's natural science department. As teenager, I rode (show jumping) at the Budapesti Honvéd sports club under Pál Széplaki. In the summers, at a private stud farm in Csongrád, I trained foals and young horses, taught in riding camps and riding classes, led trail rides, and besides arranged the operation of the farm and riding school. Here have I fallen in love with the indigenous Hungarian horse breed, the Furioso-North Star, a national treasure. Later on, I was riding for my friends, training their sport and hobby horses, and recovering them under saddle after longer rest or healing break. Today, we share our busy life with two dogs, three cats and a Furioso-North Star mare.

Following a long detour to the international business world, I took a career changing hairpin turn to arrive finally back to veterinary medicine. I have now become a certified canine and equine physiotherapist and veterinary technician - walking on the path which I have always been prepared for. I am continuously expanding my knowledge with efficient rehabilitation techniques in animal physiotherapy, still, silent observation and contemplation are the most important processes where healing cooperation can evolve with my four-legged patients.

Professional background

I am grateful for the support and professional help of Dr. Béla Szabó clinical veterinarian in Kővágóörs (HU), Anita Reidinger (canine) physiotherapist in Zalaegerszeg (HU), Monika Hussmann veterinary practitioner and animal physiotherapist in Mannheim (DE), and April Love equine rehabilitation therapist and seer in Hawaii (USA).